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The Practice Manager and Workflow

Workflow impacts everyone that works in Practices, ensuring that clinical correspondence moves quickly and effectively for the patient. Here is a short video, talking about Workflow from the view point of the Practice Manager. Highlighting how protocols have evolved, relationships strengthened and the cost value of redirecting clinical correspondence.

This is an opportunity to up skill your staff and empower them a little bit. Staff get trained all the way.

Jane Collins, Locum Practice Manager

Here’s what Rick Jones, Practice Business Manager had to say about his experience implementing and running a successful Workflow team.

Saving time and money, safely

Workflow is a process that allows us to move patient correspondence around the building and deal with this is a more effective and efficient way. For me, that means keeping it away from the doctors. Why do you want a piece of correspondence being looked at by the most expensive person in your practice? Is that really a good use of their time when you can safely deal with that in another way?

“We have laid down protocols which were in the first instance laid down by the doctors, because this has to be safe. This made sure the doctors didn’t see patient correspondence that they didn’t need to deal with. It all goes on the patient’s records, but this simplifies what the doctor needs to see and when.

“For the staff, it’s about seeing a whole process. It’s a journey of our patients. That’s key in many ways, especially for safety. Because that individual has seen something come in, maybe a week or so ago, and they know what story. That means the staff can sometimes pick up on things that perhaps other people wouldn’t.”


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