Workflow Optimisation - A podcast on the impact on GP Practices

Where Workflow started

Learn more about the development of our Workflow solution in this podcast with Jonathan Serjeant, GP and Here co-founder.

In this episode of Here’s podcast series, Ben Gowland from Ockham Healthcare, learns more from Jonathan about how Workflow is helping release GP time through the training administration staff to read, code and action incoming clinical correspondence safely and accurately.

The development of Workflow: The General Practice Podcast

by Jonathan Serjeant

Podcast contents:

  • What is Here? (1min 22secs)
  • Here is a collective who want to make a difference (2min 38secs)
  • Developing workflow optimisation (3min 47secs)
  • Non-clinicians learning to Reed code (5mins 28secs)
  • A system of assurance (6mins 32secs)
  • 75%-80% letters closed-off by administration staff (7mins 20secs)
  • The more complicated letters (8mins 44secs)
  • Identifying new diagnoses, picking up metrics, focusing on prescribing… (9mins 08secs)
  • Booking follow-ups, booking blood tests, contacting patients… (10mins 03secs)
  • Saving GP time…40 mins per GP per day (11mins 11secs)
  • What dictates the amount of time saved? (12mins 10secs)
  • Making the change sustainable – governance and leadership (14mins 27secs)
  • Developing the “right” administrator (17mins)
  • Skills, templates and supporting manual (18mins 56secs)
  • Safeguards against things getting missed (19mins 42secs)
  • The cost impact on practices (21mins 18secs)
  • The programmes in the GPFV and £45m commitment from NHS England (23mins 35secs)
  • Money via the CCG (24mins 48secs)
  • Finding out more (25mins 16secs)
  • Better delivered at network or federation level (25mins 56secs)
  • Here want to develop a network of change agents and systems with similar impact (27mins 03secs)