Release GP time each week

We don’t simply talk about transformation in Primary care, we deliver it.

The Productive Workflow stream of the 10 High Impact Actions, set out in the General Practice Forward View (GPFV), published the work we have done with Workflow.

Traditionally, clinical correspondence is read, actioned, coded and filed by GPs. Our solution will enable the safe and efficient delegation of this role to an administrator who can take on the responsibility in a supported environment.

  • A trained Workflow Administrator can code and action up to 80% of clinical correspondence.
  • An average sized practice of 7,000 can expect to release 8 hours of GP time a week. We use your actual data to evidence the successful implementation of this High Impact Action.
  • A robust governance system. Our approach is supported by the medical defence organisations (MDOs).
  • Clinical records are updated in a more consistent manner leading to enhanced data quality, a better patient journey, and empowered staff.
  • We promote resilience and sustainability in Primary Care.

Workflow is a lot more time efficient, it allows for a more standardised summary of records, it frees up GP time and it gives much more job satisfaction for myself!!

Bella Johnston

Workflow Administrator

Penryn Surgery, Cornwall

Since 2016, we have….

  • Implemented this High Impact Action across England, Wales and Scotland
  • Partnered with 90 providers and commissioners
  • Engaged with 1545 Practices
  • Released over 400,000 hours of GP time
  • Affected a patient population of over 13 million citizens!

Our various approaches, designed by Primary Care professionals and educational learning experts, enable us to tailor the way we work with you to deliver a sustainable Workflow solution.

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The Discovery of Workflow Podcast

Practice Unbound’s work was published as part of the General Practice Forward View (GPFV), in the 10 High Impact Actions as Productive Workflows.

To find out more about how Workflow was created and has grown from one Practice to being delivered to GP Practices at scale across the UK, listen to Dr Jonathan Serjeant talking to Ben Gowland from Ockham Healthcare, as they discuss the positive impact on releasing GP capacity.

Listen to the podcast