Workflow Network

Workflow Network will support your group of practices to set up a workflow processing hub and will guide you through 9 areas you need to focus on when wanting to work at scale together around Workflow:

Local Engagement – giving you the tools needed to support others to come on board

Connecting to Purpose – helping you design your vision for working together

Infrastructure and Systems Set Up – giving clinical system specific guidance on how to process across multiple systems and the pros and cons of a physical vs. virtual hub

Building your financial model – helping you ensure you have a sustainable costings model which is divided up fairly between the practices

Designing your shared protocol - creating one common protocol which all practices are signed up to

Managing Clinical Risk – helping you ensure the way you work together is safe

Building your Team – define the different roles needed to make your hub a success

Building your contractual agreements – helping you define how you will work together

Operational Governance Structures - tools to help you run your hub day-to-day

Alongside access to the above modules on our Portal, you will be able to contact our Helpdesk 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to seek advice on rolling out your hub.

If you need additional support, for example, local leadership coaching, workshop facilitation, implementation support, you can access this through our consultancy offer where we will build a bespoke package that works for you.

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