Working with NHS England to implement Pharmacists in Practices across the country

Practice Unbound working with NHS England to implement Pharmacists in Practices across the country

Pharmacists in Practice

We are pleased to announce that Practice Unbound has won the bid with NHS England to help implement Pharmacists in Practices across the country.

Following a successful pilot programme by NHS England, which resulted in 450 full-time equivalents pharmacists working in general practice, The General Practice Forward View committed over £100 million to support an extra 1,500 clinical pharmacists to work in general practice.

This is part of a wider expansion of the general practice workforce so that patients have better local access to a range of highly trained health professionals for their needs.

This means that GP surgeries in England – a patient population of more than 15 million – will have access to clinical pharmacists in patient-facing roles as part of the multidisciplinary team.

Clinical pharmacists in general practice have a positive impact on patients, providing clinical assessment and treatments, expert knowledge of medicines for long-term conditions, as well as lifestyle advice, and contributing to patient safety.

Easy implementation and blended learning

  • The e-Learning modules deliver clear, concise and interactive learning on introducing your practice to the role of clinical pharmacy and making the most out of your clinical pharmacist.
  • Our creatively designed video tutorials are designed for each clinical system.

Resources: Ensuring you have the right tools to set up and create the right foundation for implementation is vital. The Resources that we provide include:

  • Practice Unbound secure Portal
  • Data dashboard
  • Clinical system template

Implementation: Through the team of Transformation Coaches and Helpdesk, all Practices will receive proactive implementation support through the duration of their contract.

  • Workshops – facilitated by GPs, Transformation Leads and Coaches. The purpose of the workshops is to ensure everyone understands the transition ahead, the impact and agreed responsibilities and expectations.
  • The Transformation Coaches will proactively contact Practices and work in partnership to support the practice.

Bringing quality care to citizens

Sarah Bartholomew, our Director of Business Development said of the In Practice Pharmacist program:

“We are really excited to be the provider that supports General Practice to both effectively introduce and optimise Pharmacists into Primary Care Networks as part of NHSE’s In Practice Pharmacist Programme. We believe that Pharmacists are a key part of an expanding primary care team offering high quality care to citizens while helping to alleviate workload pressures on practices and allowing GPs to concentrate on the most complex patients.”

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The power of purposeful working

Utilising the power of purposeful working in General Practice

Why is purposeful work important?

Since 2008 Here has recognised the value in working with a defined, shared purpose. We feel this is critical to having engaged, effective teams working together to deliver something that makes a difference. This value has been carried out into Practice Unbound.

We are purposeful creatures – everyone one of us is working towards something, consciously or unconsciously. Without this sense of purpose we lose our way and become demotivated and less effective.

Often people move through their work feeling unmotivated and under-appreciated, but they keep going. Even when they experience dissonance at work, many push it to the back of their mind – focusing solely on a personal purpose, be that making money to support the family or getting through the 9 – 5 so they can continue with their hobby. This is unsustainable: employees become unhappy, demotivated and stop fulfilling their potential.

Understanding a GP Practice’s purpose

In healthcare, an organisation’s sense of purpose should be obvious. People should be clear on the aims of the Practice and are able to relate to and understand how these can create a better world for themselves and the people they serve.

Understanding and articulating this purpose begins with open engagement with staff – taking time to understand why they come to work, and what they believe the Practice’s purpose to be.

The key is giving people a sense of purpose outside of financial gain. Aligning employee’s performance goals to company values will help them feel that their daily work is contributing to a broader purpose.

Dr Paul Deffley, Clinical Director

dr paul deffley

“Studies have shown that when people are contributing to a higher purpose, they are likely to have a healthier outlook on life, are more resilient to stress, and more effective in their work.”

How to build a purposeful General Practice – 5 simple steps

1 – Align goals within the teams to reflect the broader Practice strategy and encourage understanding of how organisational values can help them achieve success

2 – Align employee’s performance goals to the organisational purpose, values and strategy

3 – Encourage staff to share their goals across the teams, building affinity with their colleagues and ownership across functions

4 – Encourage staff to work interdependently across functions to achieve their goals, working outside of perceived role boundaries in pursuit of the broader purpose

5 – Communicate and reward behaviour consistent with values

Connecting people in the snow

Keeping people connected in bad weather

Keeping business operating

Technology is a critical tool in keeping businesses and services running and meeting the demands upon them. As the calendar turns to the 1st March and we all start to think about the warmth of spring approaching, we are faced with a very different truth as the media tells the story of Storm Emma and we are all covered in snow.

The whole of the nation is griped by the flurry of snow that is falling upon us, schools are deciding whether to open, businesses are digging out their continuity plans and GP Practices continue to do their best in triaging and treating patients up and down the country.

Utilising technology

Working in this weather takes resilience as just getting out of our house can prove to be challenging. With determined spirits the Practice Unbound GP Leads, Transformation Leads and Senior Coaches are out in the snow, travelling the length and breadth of England and Wales, as they deliver Workflow workshops.

However, back in the office the Workflow Coaches are busy delivering virtual training and answering calls to support 100’s GP Practices across the UK as they support their implementation of Workflow.

In weather as potentially treacherous as the media portrays and parts of the UK grinding to a halt, technology is a critical tool in keeping businesses and services going. With more options available to us to keep people working, either from home or in the office has more possibilities by communicating in a virtual environment.

Staying in touch

Communicating via online methods keeps people connected and participating in meetings, training and remaining aligned to the purpose of the organisation and their objective delivery. Virtual working and learning has been around for years but is being utilised in more ways for the purpose of sharing knowledge, enabling engagement and becoming part of everyday communications.

The Practice Unbound teams take advantage of technology to stay connected to each other and customers. By thinking creatively they have moved meetings to an online environment for people that are unable to attend in person, delivered training via virtual classrooms and screen sharing facilities and continued to collaborate on projects by submitting updates and feedback to online work spaces.

The snow can fall and the winds can blow but with the aid of technology, the Practice Unbound teams are set up to support each other and their customers where ever they are located.