How we help practices save time, money, and improve patient outcomes


Diversifying the Primary Care workforce is fundamental in improving workload, patient outcomes, supporting sustainability, and resilience of practice teams. Practice Unbound designs solutions that allow growth with expert training, support and technology built around General Practice and Primary Care Networks.


Implementing the role of a Workflow Administrator in practice


Implementing the role of a Pharmacist in your practice

Already used by over 1,700 practices in the UK, save hours of GP time every week with Workflow, Workflow Go or Workflow Network.


  • Online tools and data dashboard
  • E-learning modules
  • Practical methodologies that make the safe reallocation of work simple
  • Templates for patient correspondents

COMING SOON – Making the most of your pharmacist with Pharmacist in Practice or Pharmacist Network.


  • Data dashboard
  • E-learning modules
  • Tools to set up and support your group of practices
  • Guidance with working at scale in clinical pharmacy

Coming Soon in 2019


We are developing a number of solutions right now to support the Primary Care Network Workforce and improve patient outcomes.

New solutions to help you build the PCN Workforce into your practice:


Social Prescribing

Mental Health Worker


First Contact Physio

New practical tools to help you save time and money for your practice:






Compatible with all the popular patient management systems used in the NHS

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