Social Prescriber

Reduce GP and nurse appointments and help patients to feel more in control of their own health using the Practice Unbound blended learning programme

Our Social Prescribing programme makes it easy to access resources, gives you confidence in the referral process and empowers staff and patients

We take the headache out of recruiting a Social Prescriber for your Practice

Get effective job descriptions

Guidance on the ‘ideal candidate’

We help educate your Practice in the role of Social Prescribing

Engaging online courses

Face-to-face training workshops

We help you to interpret your Practice data in a meaningful way

Get a true picture of your Practice performance

See the impact of Social Prescribing

The Practice Unbound Social Prescriber programme

Building on our extensive experience of embedding roles into General Practice, we are utilising this with our upcoming Social Prescribing programme. We can provide you with bespoke support and either build on your experience or help start from the beginning.

If you are not currently using Active Signposting in your Practice, (also known as care navigation), we can help you develop this alongside introducing a Link Worker.

Whether you have community resources in a paper directory or have a sophisticated digital platform, we can help you ensure that the Link Worker knows where to find resources and how to access them.

  • Award winning recruitment strategies and resources to help you find a Link Worker with the right values and attitudes, who can fit into your practice.
  • Dedicated colleague to support you every step if the way, to make this as easy as possible.
  • A coach for Link Workers to support them through their induction.
  • Peer support for Link Workers, through communities of practice.
  • Modular training for Link Workers to reflect skills and prior experience.
  • Opportunity for Link Workers (existing and new) to develop their skills through accredited advanced training in Health Coaching, Trusted Assessor (able to prescribe simple equipment and aids to daily living.
  • Accredited through Royal College of Occupational Therapists) Digital solutions in health and care.
  • Online easy to use portal that makes the process smooth and seamless.
  • Easy to use Integrated evaluation and data display, so that you know what is happening and the impact that social prescribing is having.


Want to learn how we can help your practice with Social Prescribing?

Get in touch with the Practice Unbound team to discuss how our new programme can get your Social Prescribing plans off the ground.