How much time can Workflow save you?

Estimated letters received

27 Per week
1404 Per year

Estimated hours saved by GPs

27 Per week
1404 Per year

Our Approach

Practice Unbound offers a range of tools to guide and support you through your implementation. Our aim is to ensure that you have all the information at your fingertips throughout the process, which will ensure you build your confidence in the Workflow process and create positive changes in your GP Practice.

We hold and deliver Workshops for GPs, Practice Managers and Administrators. These workshops will signpost the beginning of your implementation. As we develop our connection with your Practice and understand what current processes are in place and what the local needs are. This informs the right implementation approach and successful outcomes.

We offer a range of people-centred learning tools, which are on offer to all who have engaged in Workflow. The resources available cover e-Learning, video tutorials, user guides, protocol and audit templates to support governance, the Workflow Dashboard for real and near time data reporting and access to our Helpdesk.

Our approach focuses on setting you up with a clear understanding of how we can work in partnership to deliver training, make changes and release GP time.

The Workflow implementation is demonstrated through a set key measures. Evaluating the flow of clinical correspondence is part of the value that Practice Unbound can offer you. Gathering and enabling you to interpret the data, which will help you identify further time savings.

How can the Workflow Dashboard support your Practice?

  • Real and near time data supports workforce planning for clinicians and clerical staff
  • Track how many hours of GP time are released per week and where additional time savings can be found
  • Identify emerging Workflow training needs and simplify audit processes

This chart shows what is happening to the letters going through the workflow process, and how this is changing through time.

Please click on the graph to enlarge the image and view the information in a separate window.

The best designed medical administration eLearning module set I’ve ever encountered.

Daisy Price

Workflow Administrator

Trafalgar Medical Group Practice

A Practice View

Workflow has a positive impact across the Practice, you can listen to individuals who have all benefited from the Workflow implementation in their Practices.

GP Experiences

Here are GPs talking about their experiences of Workflow and the benefits it has brought their Practices and why they have got involved.

A Practice Managers Perspective

From the view point of the Practice Manager, the benefits of Workflow. Highlighting how protocols have evolved, relationships strengthened and the cost value of redirecting clinical correspondence.

The impact for a Workflow Administrator

Listen to these Workflow Administrators explain why they enjoy their roles and feel value to the contribution they make to the Practice, by saving GP time.