We believe that the people with the power to transform the Primary Care system are already within it. We’re bringing healthcare professionals together to explore their biggest challenges and invent new ways of looking after our communities and each other.

Our purpose is to create distinct and vital shifts in Primary Care:  bringing people together, unlocking possibility and creating space for change.

We’re proud to be the innovator and longest standing provider for Workflow.

In April 2016, our approach to Workflow was published in the General Practice Forward View  as one of the 10 High Impact Actions (Productive Workflows).

Since then we have …

  • Partnered with 90 providers and commissioners
  • Engaged with 1545 Practices
  • Released over 400,000 hours of GP time
  • Affected a patient population of over 12 million citizens!

We have continued to develop our offer to support you with much more than just document management.

Our dashboard enables GP Practices to monitor implementation, plan staffing and identify training needs, whilst our bespoke clinical system template improves the safety and ease of Workflow.

We promote resilience and sustainability in Primary Care, with our Workflow support programmes, which have been designed to protect your Workflow solution now and in the future.

Click the links below to watch 3 short videos and find out more about the impact that Workflow will have in Practice.

We are supporting GP Practice teams that are using Workflow to work at scale and share, learn and co-create new ways of working.

Together we’re tackling long backlogs of work, getting their patients the care they need faster, and continuously building resilience across GP Practices.

Each time Practices comes together, it is an opportunity to create a healthcare system that everyone wants to be part of.

Kerry Few

Transformation Lead

Practice Unbound