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Our vision for Primary Care, built by general practice, for general practice

The people with the power to transform the Primary Care system are already working within it

Practice Unbound is a service and innovation arm of the award winning Here, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Brighton. Our team have been working together in healthcare since 2008.

As Practice Unbound we make tools and provide services that allow NHS practices to free up much needed GP time. And when you commission services through Practice Unbound, we reinvest in Primary Care development.

Using our Primary Care solutions, we bring healthcare professionals together to explore their biggest challenges, and to create new ways of looking after our communities, and each other.

As part of Here, we believe in enabling people to take control of their health care journeys. Practice Unbound helps change the way Health and Wellbeing services work so care can be focused on what matters to individuals.

Practice Unbound is part of the Here family

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team oversee the development of our solutions for Primary Care and are here to help us live to our purpose – to create distinct and vital shifts in Primary Care.

Zoe Nicholson

Chief Executive

zoe nicholson

“My role is to tether the organisation to its purpose, working in our health and social care communities to understand what matters to citizens. I care deeply about helping people live better lives.”

Samantha Horwill

Managing Director – Wales

“My role is to bring alive a co-created purpose for our work in Wales with members of the primary care community. It is also my job to make sure that we deliver on our promises to our Welsh customers, nurturing a vibrant and sustainable business of Wales, for Wales.”

Dr Paul Deffley

GP and Clinical Director

dr paul deffley

“I am a GP working in Hove, and part-time Clinical Lead across the Primary Care team. I support clinical aspects of project delivery and lead the infrastructure supporting clinicians working within the Primary Care team.”

Sarah Bartholomew

Business Development Director


“My role is to develop new partnerships and opportunities to further Practice Unbound’s purpose. I believe that the best discoveries come from the insights of all, with a treasure trove of information and innovations that sit within our community. It’s my job to help get these ideas and products out to our network, and beyond.”

Dr Jonathan Serjeant

Creative Partnerships Director & National Lead for NHS Collaborate

jonathan serjeant

“My role at Practice Unbound is to connect our journey to the wider world, and to support partners and people to be successful leaders to make a difference to others.”

Natalie Blunt

Managing Director


“My role is to ensure that we deliver for our clients throughout their interactions with us; to set the strategic direction for how we get our products to clients, the commercials and contracting, through to overseeing the operations.”

Chris Sutton

Finance Director

chris sutton

“I provide financial and commercial leadership, helping us to use our resources wisely to maximise the impact we have for those we serve today, and looking at new and different ways of having impact in the future.”

The history of Workflow

In April 2016, our approach to Workflow was published in the General Practice Forward View as one of the 10 High Impact Actions (Productive Workflows). This makes Practice Unbound the innovator and longest standing provider for Workflow.

We have continued to develop our offer to support you with much more than just document management.

Our dashboard enables GP Practices to monitor implementation, plan staffing and identify training needs, whilst our bespoke clinical system template improves the safety and ease of Workflow.

Since 2016, we have implemented the Workflow High Impact Action across England, Wales and Scotland, partnered with 90 providers and commissioners, and engaged with 1,745 Practices. This has resulted in releasing over 700,000 hours of GP time that has affected a patient population of over 13 million people!

We promote resilience and sustainability in Primary Care, with our Workflow support programmes, and Practice Unbound is compatible with all popular patient management systems used in NHS general practice.

Hear what our customers say about us

Don’t just take our word for it. The reason we do what we do is to help make Primary Care, the doorway to the NHS, better. See what our customers say about their experiences with Practice Unbound.

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